On September 1st of 1984, John Vuitton, Born John Ross Immell, came into this world. He was born in the city of Greensburg, Kansas to Greg Immell and Monique Leon. Little did this small mid-western town in the heartland of America know, it would be famous for the EF5 tornado that struck in 2007 but also for a world-renowned rap artist in John Immell. With his mixed heritage of German and Mexican roots, there was going to be many hurdles in life. Hurdles of the racial kind that a young John would have learn to conquer if any positives were going to manifest in his life. This made it difficult to climb the ladder to success and gain acceptance in his early education. John had to learn to deal with the discrimination and social awkwardness from his classmates. These obstacles only helped fuel his passion for writing and recording music.

   From the early age of five, John was an entertainer. During Leon family gatherings he would sing songs and break out his dance moves immolating the great James Brown. John was always sure to give his performances his best and leave his audience speechless. He increasingly had a different taste in music than his peers. His biggest music influence was rapper Tupac Shakur. Tupac's death in 1996 shaped John's young mind and heart and made an impact which shaped his adult rap career. At the age of ten, John started playing the drums. He discovered he had a natural talent and took flight in music. John competed in state Drum competitions and always scored at the highest level. When he was awarded this honor, it allowed him to exceed the elementary level of music, and he started playing in the Bucklin High School (Bucklin, Kansas) band as a 5th Grader. This is when John realized he wanted to do more in music.

  In May of 2003, John graduated Bucklin High School. Soon after, he enrolled at Kansas State University and studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Aside from his studies he would find himself writing lyrics and recording "Beats" during his free time. Anything he could find to record with, he would. It became apparent that college was not for John. He was not interested in academics because he wanted to be a music artist.

A lot of his early recordings would be of low quality but he never allowed that to hold him back. He kept writng and made sure they were, at least, documented. It was one day, in a creative writing class at Kansas State University, his teacher, a Dean of Kansas State University English Department, approached him about a poem he had written. She said, "John, you have a gift.". John replied, "I want to be a Hip-Hop artist." The teacher smiled and gave him inspiration by saying " One day, you are going to be a SUPERSTAR."

In 2005, John Vuitton becomes a father (Damian Ross Immell - 8/28/05) and his life forever changed. He was not only learning how to raise a child, he was also learning how to manage his new music career, as a Music Manager,  with the group "HurtYaBoi Records" aka HYB. With little success the group fell apart and formed "B.I.V. Now, without a group to channel his artists abilities, J5 aka John Vuitton was left with no choice but to seek out new avenues. Double time to 2008, John Vuitton meets a Wichita Rapper named Young Markie, and he joins the "S.T.E CLIKK." John knew right then this is what his rap career needed to advance to the next level. Day in and day out Vuitton was in the studio writing and recording mixtapes. By the end of 2012 he had recorded 12 full mixtapes and garnered a real feel for what the music industry was about. The tattoos and persona John Vuitton was alive and growing in popularity. In 2013, John Vuitton met a music producer and fellow rapper G2DAB. Together they formed the rap group "Bottomline" (Dodge City, Kansas) and got in the booth to record some hits. Little did they know just how BIG those "hits" would really be. John Vuitton killed the "Trap Scene" with singles such as: "Shopping Spree", "Fully Loaded" , "Ain't Happening" , and "Can't Do It Like Me." After a few short lived successes, Vuitton decided to leave "Bottomline" and start his own rap group "Two3Mafia" with fellow rapper PDRO (Dodge City, Kansas), They had one hit single that pulled populous numbers called "PESOS" and Vuitton signed with CMG records. In 2016 But, as John Vuitton learned, his seeking avenues would not end with CMG Records. He signed with many different managers, record labels and distribution companies. In Late 2016, John Vuitton meet La’Nardo Myrick aka Producer 9-0. John began to use his company’s distribution services. John released some of his best projects such as Look at My Wrist, Rolxxx, Trap God, Stay Whipinn, Whip On Swang, Going Insane, Life, No Limit Soldier and more. Producer 9-0 was so enamored by his unceasing work ethic and passion for hip-hop that he began to assist John in branding, website design and give John Vuitton a No Limit Forever East chain. Producer 9-0 and Emmett Dove partnered with Percy Miller to assist independent artists get a fair chance in the music industry by lending No Limit Forever brand. John Vuitton launched his own clothing and record label in 2017. John began to sign independent artists like Youelzy, Real D-Money, Smooth Angel and more. The No Limit East brand raised the level of collaborations and features that John was approached to do.

  In November of 2019, John Vuitton announced he will Launched his own Men’s Fragrance Line titled, "TRAP GOD" - John Vuitton. Hi label John Vuitton Entertainment is actively looking to extend his brand in the same ways as entrepreneur and legend, Percy “Master P” Miller. John Vuitton has an official dj partnership with DJ Slick Change of the CHOPSTARS. They have created several projects in 2019 and more planned for years to come. John Vuitton has 14 albums, over 200 songs, 17 singles, and a plethora of collaboration projects in the making. It takes a lot of patience, dedication and hard work to reach the top. 



He can find John Vuitton's music on ITunes, Spotify, Tidal , YouTube  and other Major digital music sites. Follow John Vuitton on Twitter @vuittonCEO



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